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Welcome to Rotor Alliance

Bringing pilots together in a part ownership agreement.

New pilots now have the option to use their own helicopter to accumulate experience hours.

Today any civilian that wants to achieve a CPL or CFI Rotor Level Certification has the problem of gaining experience hours. A new pilot can expect to pay between 40-60k for 150 hours for a CPL license and 80-120k for 300 hours for a CFI license, required by the FAA. Neither of the above license include 300-2000+ hours needed for experience to qualify for jobs. This is where Rotor Alliance brings value by reducing operational cost. Offering new pilots, the option to purchase shared ownership early in training. Provides operators with a helicopter to utilize well after the 300 hours are exhausted with flight training centers.

Rotor Alliance B2B partnerships are geared around training helicopters.

With our alliance partner discounts, overall operational cost for pilots are reduced. Pilots will be able to purchase additional management services through Rotor Alliance to facilitate ownership responsibility or any partnership differences.

See the cost calculators below. This will provide reduced compounding operation cost per owner in a partnership. If you would like further details or questions, click on the button in the top right corner to provide your information.


R22 Beta II

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R44 Raven I

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R44 Raven2_1r44 Raven2_2

R44 Raven II

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schweizer 300_2schweizer 300_1

Schweizer 300

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Bell 206 LT

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